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Nude beaches around the world. From Unlike with pixellated aerial photos, there’s no doubting what we can see here – this image clearly shows a woman’s naked breasts on Google’s Street View service, and at time of writing it remains visible within the Google Maps imagery 1. In fact there are a number of women with their breasts exposed in the Italian rmcluniverse.inted Reading Time: 4 mins.

View of Reggio di Calabria’s seafront, the Strait of Messina, the boarding area and the railway station. View of the beach and the promenade of Marina di Patti, the Tindari promontory in background. Panoramic view of Infinity, the largest swimming pool in Europe, Los Gigantes in the background. View of the beach, the promenade and the bay of Ventimiglia up to the French Riviera.

View on the beach of Porto Taverna, in the background the islands of Tavolara and Molara. View of the harbour in front of the small village, the fishermen’s village in the background.

nude beach street view nude beach street view nude beach street view

An eagle-eyed Google Maps user has spotted a frisky couple completely nude and apparently in the middle of a steamy tryst by the side of a mountain road. The couple in an intimate embrace — without any of their clothes on — were captured by a passing Google Street View car this year before having their pictures uploaded to the widely used mapping service. The couple are yet to be identified, and it is unknown whether they are aware of their exposure by the Google vehicle.

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nude beach street view nude beach street view nude beach street view

Especially the nude beaches. The four men started their trek in late summer as part of an initiative by Google’s Street View and Visit Florida. For the next four months, each person carried a pound backpack equipped with cameras to capture and digitize degree panoramas of Florida’s rmcluniverse.inted Reading Time: 2 mins. GOOGLE MAPS street view shows a sunbather on a nudist beach nearby a pole which comes in handy for a brilliant rmcluniverse.inted Reading Time: 3 mins.

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A nude beach is one of the most popular ways to explore social nudity. So with nudism on the rise, largely being driven by the younger generation and inspired by dedicated accommodation sites like Naturist BnB , we asked experienced naturists for their top recommendation for the best beaches around the world to get naked for the first time.

For Nick and Lins, the couple behind the hugely popular blog Naked Wanderings , their nude beach of choice is a remote offering within Parque Nacional Natural Tayrona in Colombia. We spent two days at this nude beach and noticed that for curious Colombians, as well as many independent travellers and backpackers, it was their first nude beach experience. It’s secluded location is found at the base of a steep trail that descends from the campus of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver.

It is also the oldest legal nude beach in Canada. Jessa, a nudist since and shortly thereafter a writer at the Nude Blogger , raves about Point Addis in Victoria. I’ve done all sorts of activities there in the buff, from laying down sunbathing to playing frisbee, doing some yoga and swimming. Back when I was living in Victoria, this was my go-to beach It’s found on the drive towards the Great Ocean Road from Melbourne , so the scenery is just stunning, with beautiful rugged cliff faces and a lovely community there.

There was a variety of men and women at the beach, with more and more younger people attending too.

nude beach street view nude beach street view nude beach street view

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